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About Vesture:


Our present is an amalgam of experiences from the past and hope borrowed from the future. Everything is related, connected to each other, through the strings of time. Many believe time to be a universal constant even though we are aware of its fluid variance. It doesn’t stop, nor can it be turned back or fast forwarded. However, in spite of its unpredictable irresistible motion, it is only time that makes life possible, makes existence real. 


Understanding our today is as important as keeping in touch with our past. What it signifies is that even though moments from our yesterday can’t be relived yet lessons learned will nudge us towards making better choices. Keeping this in perspective, January 2021 issue of Wisdom Quest focuses on history, bringing together our victories and defeats, so that we are guided by the best mentor − our own selves. 


From among our pick of writers this month, we have Revanth, who takes us to Gandikota, also known as The Grand Canyon of India, where medieval Indian dynasties consummated to give birth to multicultural refined neo-architecture. To inform us about the glory of Muslim inventions, Muqqadas writes about ancient Islamic philosophers, scientists, and inventors who provided the light of knowledge to our world while Namita pens down a short biography of Mikhail Gorbachev and his role in imparting justice in the USSR group of countries. Jubilantly narrating stories and folklore about Nowruz, Aayushi embarks towards the blessings this festival brings to people all around the globe. Aditya, Triveni and Amita talk about royal lineages − lost in time and history − of the Ahoms, the Kacharis and the kingdom of Nepal, letting them ascend to honor with detailed emphasis on their unwavering perseverance. Arunabh details the Punic Wars, fought in the Helenistic era, and Bidisha writes about the great ancient culture of India. 


We have a lot to learn from our ancestors, customs, traditions and cultures. These have an unimaginable importance in how we pursue our lives today and how our children would in the future. 


We hope this edition brings home true knowledge to our readers and inspires us all to pursue, to quest for wisdom. 

Travelle, Wisdom Quest
an WissenMonk Publication
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Explore your next travel destination with 'Wisdom Quest Travelle' from WissenMonk

About Travelle:

One of the greatest constants of life is its unpredictability. What more proof do we need than this year’s pandemic! Thwarting our daily schedules, quarantining us home, and punching a great hole in the global economy, COVID-19 did something many − or more precisely all − were unprepared for. What tumbled out of balance was our freedom to travel, whenever and wherever we wanted. Travel, sure, suffered a lot.However another one of life’s greatest constants − which ameliorates difficult situations − is perseverance. It is through patience that we overcome. We have to face our life, our society, and our reality. It can only be achieved through steadfast persistence and faith in God. With this hope and a sliver of courage, we are publishing this edition of Wisdom Quest as a travelogue − so that you may each dive into your past travels and journeys, carefully carved in the kingdom of your memories. Our writers have traveled to diverse nations and regions around Asia. And they bring to you marvels experienced in their journeys. Namita escaped to witness the pure and surreal Bhutan while Gargi traveled to Japan with her family, meticulously bringing to life the beauty of this Land of the Rising Sun. Kashif explored arduous trekking trails of Dachigam National Park, and Aditya wandered to Kaziranga for an ephemeral rendezvous with the wild. Anfas provides a glimpse into the life ofordinary mortals and their incessant need to explore.

Tanay visited the beautiful beaches of South India while painting a picture for readers to relish each landmark’s beauty through mere words. Aayushi daydreams about Norway and its majestic auroras, making the reader pine with her for a visit, someday in the future. And Zeenaz writes about her home, her peaceful abode − Harwan located in Srinagar − midst glorious trans-Himalayan mountain ranges and glistening Chinars. Srijan talks about a memorable trip he took with his close friends to George Everest hills, to catch its beautiful sunrise. And then we have Arijit, who dramatizes love, life, travel, and human bonds in his unique write-up.


With the blessed promise of a better year ahead, let us all pray for health, happiness, and resplendent places to journey − solo or with good companions.


With Warm Regards and Best Wishes,


-Adeela Hameed


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